Susan Z singing Brian Gore’s “One Hand Clapping”

One Hand Clapping — Written By Brian Gore (GEMA, Copyright)

I’ve amplified life’s minor irritations

Blinking at a light that’s red too long

Magnified into fake limitations

Forced left then right when I when I want straight along

Time pulls me sideways

Instead of a leg up I’m knocked around

That’s ok with me

That’s the place to be

When I’m guided by the sound

The drive for monetary satiation

Kept me on the outside hanging on

But being with the people happy shiny

Didn’t bring me happiness for long

I am proud I “did it my way”

But those aren’t the words

I’m singing in this song

The periphery

Is ok with me when I’m guided by the sound

There’s light at the end of Lincoln’s tunnel

Disguising dew from rising morning’s sun

Ushered by the quiet squirrel’s rustling

Against the urban backdrop of the throng

It was the life that passed right by me

While I was waiting that I’ve missed so far along

It’s a seagull’s cry

It’s a baby’s sigh

Now I’m guided by the sound


Overdrive turned me crazy

Now temptation of the moment keeps me sane

I live inside out

I am turned about

I have turned my life around

That’s ok with me

That’s the place to be

I am guided by the sound