“An Evening of Guitar and Voice, with Susan Z, Brian Gore and Nina Gerber” September 10th, 8pm

Don Quixote’s Music Hall
6275 Highway 9 in Felton, CA
$10 door or advance

Call 831-603-2294 for tickets & reservations

Presented in association with Snazzy Productions

Brian and Susan

BRIAN GORE has emerged in the past decade as a leading figure in the world of acoustic guitar. His emotive, expressive style combines influences from folk, jazz and classical music. Acoustic Guitar Magazine says, “Gore’s finely crafted poetic ‘songs without words’ take the listener on a spellbinding, emotional ride. He has great facility as a player, but it’s the depth and range of moods his pieces evoke that makes his music such a pleasure.”  Brian is the founder ofInternational Guitar Night (IGN/USA), a grouping of some of the most creative acoustic guitarists worldwide. See http://www.myspace.com/guitaristbriangore

SUSAN Z is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor, who has been called “a knockout”, says Don McConnel of the Berkeley Voice. Robert Hurwitt of the SF Examiner calls her a “bewitching, full throated nightingale.”  Her first CD, “Believe”, (’00) received a “four star” review from fans at cdbaby.com, and was the one of the top 20 listened to cds on radio MILO, (103.1 ), Belgium in 2000.  She has performed at The Fillmore, Great American Music Hall, Slims, Bimbo’s, Freight and Salvage, Sweetwater Saloon, and numerous other Bay Area venues. See http://www.myspace.com/susanzmusic


Nina Gerber‘s music career began soon after hearing the late singer/songwriter Kate Wolf perform in Sebastopol, CA in the mid seventies. Nina was so inspired by Kate’s music that she decided to become a professional accompanist and followed Kate around until she finally hired Nina to play in her band. That collaboration lasted for 8 years, until Kate’s death in 1986. Since then, Nina has performed and/or recorded with Karla Bonoff, Eliza Gilkyson, Greg Brown, Nanci Griffith, Lucy Kaplansky, Queen Ida, Terry Garthwaite, Laurie Lewis, and Mollie O’Brien to name a few. Nina has produced and arranged many recordings, as well as 3 of her own CD’s.”


D’Gary–International Guitar Night

As we approach the 10th touring season of International Guitar Night, I find myself getting a bit nostalgic about all the great artists I’ve had the chance to work with as part of the show.  I’ll be using this blog to reminisce a bit about them, as well as our adventures together….

He’s a real trooper, for sure. Imagine, flying from Antananarivo to Victoria BC for one day of rest, then a show. Then, the *next day*, we fly together from Victoria, to Vancouver, to the YUKON, meet an artistic liaison at the airport, then hop in a van for a 6 hour ride to our show…. Oh, but did I mention, we needed to make a pit stop along the way to buy D’Gary some clothes? That’s right… it turns out that D’Gary made it, and his guitar made it…. BUT, his clothes didn’t. And you know, it’s very, very, cold in the Yukon in November…

D'Gary, Freezing in the Yukon!

D'Gary, Freezing in the Yukon!

I first found out about D’Gary from a Shanachie compilation of guitarists from Madagascar that was produced by Henry Kaiser and David Lindley.  For years, I’d dreamed about having him in the show, and finally had the chance to feature him in the International Guitar Night II tour and live CD two years back. Here are a couple of D’Gary’s solo cuts from that album:

D’Gary: “Ligniso Zaho, Please Wait for Me”

D’Gary: “Kelikely Fa Nama; Girlfriend”

I’m not very haiku about much of anything. I sometimes need to hear myself talking to recognize what I’m trying to say. I often obfuscate to the point of headaches with long, dense, convoluted sentences. That’s what you get for studying Philosophy in Germany, I guess.  D’Gary, on the other hand, is much like his music; non-verbal, quiet, yet powerfully emotive.

We Had Elk Meat Stew for Hospitality at this Gig, and This was Our View

We Had Elk Meat Stew for Hospitality at this Gig, and This was Our View

It was a welcome culture shock to keep my mouth shut and just let myself enjoy the silence with him.   Enroute to this show, we paused together on a rest-stop veranda, contemplating the snowy plains. We were quiet like that for a long time. Then, D’Gary finally said, “I want…to move… to the Yukon!” And we both began to laugh. When you’re from perpetually hot and humid Madagascar, the snow and cold in Montana looks pretty appealing. And, if you’re from the Yukon, stuck in the dead of winter, the thought of sunny Madagascar might offer solace on a dreary night.

Despite divergent cultures it seems we all at times want what we *don’t* have… This is something to laugh about, or, cry about, when you for a moment contemplate what people in Madagascar, for example, and other places around the world, *don’t* have. And it was more than once I looked in D’Gary’s eyes to see an anguish I could not wish away, which I surmised stemmed from exactly that.

You can feel a melancholic and even at times angry tinge in both D’Gary and his music. This is a natural reflection of coming up in impoverished circumstances–he apparently spent much of his life playing on borrowed guitars! But he also intimated to me that his songs are a reflection of, and a coming to terms with, the injustices in his country and the pain he’s experienced from that in his life. Like a lot of guitarists I’ve met, music is an outlet that brings meaning to wordless experience and helps with release.  I can empathize with D’Gary because I’ve  also transmuted some of my own pain through music, thankfully.

There’s no way you can make up for the kinds of challenges others may have faced in their life. I’ve learned this the hard way. I spent a lot of my life yearning for someone to do that for me, when all the while I was perfectly capable of doing it for myself!  All you can do, and what I try to do in IGN, is treat the people who are in the show with the reverence they deserve.  From a musical point of view, D’Gary is certainly deserving of  *a lot* of reverence.

D'Gary Endured Losing His Luggage in the Yukon and Returning Home to a Broken Guitar

D'Gary endured losing his luggage in the Yukon and returning home to a broken guitar.. Not sure about what the hippo is doing on top of a luggage carrousel in a Canadian airport, by the way!

D’Gary is a real master; a cultured, sophisticated man. Someone who makes you feel proud to share company with. His tone is EXQUISITE, and it is very hard to tell exactly HOW he gets it, which makes him even more intriguing. His compositions are very sophisticated, even esoteric. His songs hearken to his culture and folk music; rustic, in a way. Yet, his polyphony is quite modern in the way each voice in the solo piece is layered; referencing different instrument types from his homeland in the way he plucks his strings.

On the Way Home, D'Gary's Stonebridge Broke in the Turbulence: Fortunately, It was Eventually Fixed!

On the Way Home, D'Gary's Stonebridge Broke in the Turbulence: Fortunately, It was Eventually Fixed!

I was really proud to be able to help him get a Stonebridge Guitar, which he used on his tour of Canada and the US with us. However, he was laid up by some severe weather on the way home; first in Montana, because of a snow storm, then in Atlanta, because of hurricane season in Madagascar. This whole experience was incredibly exasperating, not just for him, but for our venerable road manager, Richard Rice as well.

After more than a year, D'Gary was able to deposit the broken Stonebridge with Clive Carroll during a layover in London, when it was finally fixed!

After more than a year, D'Gary was able to deposit the broken Stonebridge with Clive Carroll during a layover in London, when it was finally fixed!

D’Gary was finally able to make it back a few days later than planned. But the turbulence snapped his guitar neck! It took more than a year before D’Gary was able to get the neck fixed, with the help of Clive Carroll from London!!

D’Gary and Clive in Duet! We filmed this from the green room at the wonderful Harmon Hall in San Louis Opisbo… Check it out:

D’Gary didn’t have as hard a time making it to rehearsal in New Orleans during our US tour…. But the other guy in this video below, Miguel de la Bastide, DID… that’s a story for another time, though…..

Brian Gore and Susan Z